Mark Popel

Assignment 9B: Fabrication

Mark Popel Assignment 9B Board (PDF)

Assignment 9A: Situated Assemblies

Mark Popel A9 Board (PDF)

Assignment 8: The Tectonic


Assignment 7B: Data-Driven Assemblies

Assignment 7B Final Board Grasshopper & Rhino Files:  

Assingment 7A: Data-Driven Assemblies

Please click the attached PDF link below. Assignment 7A Mark Popel Board

Assignment 6B: Grasshopper Manipulations

Mark Popel Assignment 6B- Final Board Please see the below GoogleDrive link for the Rhino and Grasshopper Files  

Assignment 6A: Component Development

Assignment 6a Mark Popel Final Board

Assignment 5: Image Manipulations

Mark Popel Final Board Assignment5

Assignment 4: Site Mapping, Immaterial Flows

Immaterial Flows Mark Popel

Assignment 3: Transformative Explorations

Transformations, Mark Popel

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